Kidbusterz T&C's

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as you are required to agree to them when booking a place / day or session at a Kidbusterz day camp.

On booking your child's place you are agreeing to adhere to all terms and conditions found on this page.

Kidbusterz reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

Registration and collection

All children must be aged five and over & registered with a signature from the parent or guardian on arrival and collection as per the times detailed. If a child is to be picked up by somebody other than that stated on the booking form or arrangements have been made for the child to walk home this must be clearly stated in writing and handed to Kidbusterz prior to the day or upon arrival.

We have a five-minute policy for parents when dropping children off and collecting them, so the area doesn’t become too crowded and children can settle in.

Parent or guardian attendance.

Due to government guidelines it is the responsibility of Kidbusterz to ensure that any adult present at the venue during the running of each day has been CRB/DBS checked through kidbusterz.

Therefore we would be grateful if parents or guardians refrain from entering the venue during times when children will still be participating in their activities, we appreciate your understanding with this.

This excludes registration and collection times.

Health and Safety

Children must arrive with an appropriate amount of food and drink for the day.

Drinking water is available, therefore children will have the opportunity to refill bottles throughout the day.

Children must arrive with appropriate clothing for the day and time of year.
Any medical conditions must be stated upon application and any special circumstances made known to Kidbusterz prior to arrival.

Any changes to your personal information as well as your child’s medical information post booking and prior to the camp day must be made known.
Our staff do not physically participate in any contact games with the children and therefore are not under any liability for personal injury, loss or damage caused to participants whilst at the camp.
Kidbusterz will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any personal belongings whilst at camp.
If a child requires emergency first aid or needs to be transported to hospital urgently then Kidbusterz staff ( first aid trained) have parental consent to administer the required actions/procedures necessary for the safety of the child. The parent/guardians of the child will be contacted if this is the case.
Kidbusterz completes a full RISK assessment for every camp venue, and facilitate each day accordingly so the risk of any injuries or incidents arising is kept to a minimum.

No photographic images will be taken without a prior consent of the parent/guardian of each child.

With consent these images may be used for promotional material.
Kidbusterz can only offer a place to the number of children that meets our coaches:children ratio.

Children that turn up on the day without pre-booking will be booked a space if it does not exceed our coaches:children ratio in line with Ofsted guidelines.


Kidbusterz has full public liability insurance cover.

Kidbusterz will not be held responsible for any loss/damage to personal belongings brought onto site.


All Kidbusterz Camps take place at secure venues with indoor facilities and toilets.

Breaks and lunchtimes are taken indoors with plenty of indoor activities available.

In the event of bad weather, Sports and activities will be played indoors.

Anti-social behaviour

We do not conform to any disruptive, dangerous or anti-social behaviour of any kind.

This includes but is not limited to bullying, sexism, swearing or violence towards any other child or towards any of our Kidbusterz Staff.

If a child is considered to be involving themselves in any of the previously mentioned behaviour then Kidbusterz reserves the right to refuse their participation in the rest of the day’s activities and also their involvement in any other camp dates.

In the emergency case of a child’s behaviour jeopardising the safety of the other children or Kidbusterz staff; the emergency contact listed on the booking form will be contacted and expected to collect the child immediately.

In this situation no refunds will be made.


Payments can be made online via, a deposit of 50% is required for all online bookings.

Five day’s notice must be given to cancel your booking otherwise full payment is still due.

Five day’s notice must be given to cancel your booking otherwise full payment is still due.

If your child is booked on to the camp and fails to turn up payment will still be required in full as Kidbusterz will have brought in further coaches to appropriately meet the child:coach ratio.

Kidbusterz will not be able to provide a refund if your child is not able to attend.

In exceptional circumstances, Kidbusterz will consider reimbursing monies if put in writing to

This is at our absolute discretion.

In the event of Kidbusterz cancelling a camp a full refund will be given.

Your personal information

The personal information that you provide us will be used for the organisation and management of our camps as well as for the safety of your child /children.

With permission, we will use the information provided to inform you of other Kidbusterz events.

Out of hours charge (late fee)

Any persons collecting a child later than ten minutes after close (5.30pm)  will be subject to a non negotiable £20 late fee.

If no contact is made by the parent or guardian or if we are unable to contact a parent or guardian to arrange prompt collection, our staff are authorised to contact social services.

cancellations ( if you need to cancel)

All bookings must be canceled before 8am on the day of your booking, otherwise you will be charged the full amount for that day.

This is a non negotiable fee for late cancelations.

Booking Online

All online booking are non refundable, but are transferable.